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Wild Balms & Salves Co.

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Wild Balms & Salves Co. is run by a science-degreed, stay-at-home mom of 5 children, named Gina. Her family and their overall health and wellness inspired her to start this natural skincare business! Before the last few children were born, she spent 10 years in a hospital laboratory setting (including dermatology). Now as a stay-at-home mom, she researches a natural, less toxic way of living.

In their online store, you will find a unique array of natural skincare items that make great stocking stuffers; such as kid's fun "creature" lip balms, luxurious facial oils, beard care, pet paw balms, headache sticks, hand balms for dry winter skin, and holiday-themed skincare! They also have a couple of gift box options both for the men and the ladies, and for mama's-to-be, along with non-toxic candles, glittery wax melts, and delightful coffee exfoliating soaps.

For the month of November, and exclusive to this online event, they are offering a 10% discount code for their online store, Holidays23 for purchases over $25. In addition, all orders over $45 will receive a free non-toxic mini Christmas tree wax melt pack in the Frosted Forest Headache scent recipe. Thank you for supporting a small business family!

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