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Forever Bee was started as a very small business that managed to sell a few jars of honey here and there.  As we sold some honey, we put the funds right back into the business and bootstrapped ourselves to where we are today. In our business, we love being a part of nature and finding interesting ways of living more sustainable lives and being more conscious of our environment.  Our whole business is devoted to how we can do things more naturally with minimal interference, how we can educate those around us, and how we can create better lives for our family, friends, and community.

We have a collection of Local Raw Unpasteurized Creamed Clover Honey, Flavoured Honeys, Honeystix, Honey Vinegar, Bee Pollen, Beeswax, Beeswax Candles, Body Butter, Lippy Balms, Soap, Shampoo Bars, Food Savers, DIY Kits, Recipes & More!


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I am own a home-based small handcrafted business of jewelry, handknitted accessories, personalized gifts and all-natural skincare. Art was always an extension of my personality and a form to express myself. I love bringing the beauty and captivating allure of my surroundings to life through my craft! I have always admired the way that nature plays with materials and colours. The different seasons bring different colour combinations and a plethora of different ideas from the ever-changing and bewitching appeal of the seasons. That is why I love to explore different textures and colour palates, and I gain a certain guiding light through the arresting aesthetics of the Canadian landscapes. I have continued to expand and grow this specific pursuit with my website. I hope that the care and consideration I handcraft into each piece is something that other people are equally inspired by, and appreciate. 


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Huluhay Boutique is an online woman`s clothing boutique located in Edmonton, Alberta.  Our mission is to bring you a small curated collection of beautiful, high-quality pieces that are affordable…so that you can feel your best every day.

I am a retired Great Grandmother from a small town in South Carolina.  When the covid happened and everyone had to be at home I began sewing to keep myself busy… I offer masks, dammit dolls, baby blankets, and more!


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This From That offers handmade nickel-free jewelry at affordable prices. Earrings and necklaces are just $5 each! Free Canadian shipping on orders over $25 & flat rate $10 US shipping


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Small home-based business in southern Saskatchewan offering handcrafted jewelry made from a variety of bone, wood, glass and antler with quality in mind. 


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We are a family who loves creating unique home decor items with knitting, crocheting, sewing and paint and have been crafting for generations. Some of our products have a modern flair while others have a nostalgic feel. Discover our collection of unique handmade gifts and pieces waiting for you!

Tammy's Tiny Table

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Tammy’s Tiny Table is a home-based studio located in Prince George, BC. My husband and I make handcraft products for sale to the public. Our business also has small craft classes and private events to meet your needs.  This year we have started making DIY class kits for home use through a virtual class.  Come on in and explore your inner artist, developed by us but made by your inner artist.


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Here at Treats for Sweethearts, we are the most unique company around.  Making custom orders, to create fun kids treats called candy smashers filled with different unique candies.  Having a unique flavor Hot Chocolate bombs with different flavors, even for the adults too.
This is a Mom and Daughter(10 yrs old), company that is creating and designing some new flavors for our customers.  As we keep on this journey we look forward to keeping your tastebud wanting more.
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My business began when I started selling my parents’ and grandparents’ discards occasionally at the local flea market when I was in college. While my kids were small I sold glassware on eBay. When my own collections grew out of control I began selling at local flea markets and vintage shows. Now, since Covid happened, I’ve gone back to selling online, on Etsy, focusing on the linens that I have always loved. I appreciate the time and workmanship that goes into making even a small doily. My shop carries both everyday affordable linens and  “luxury” items.


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Home is our happy place. It’s where we dream, relax, create and find comfort. Where memories are made and quality time is cherished. Where families come together, friends visit often, and where we are free to be ourselves.

We believe in creating peace and harmony at home through decor, goods, and products that are nourishing to the soul, pleasing to the eye, and simply make it feel so good to be home.

The Prairie Mercantile is a collection of our favorite things, shared with you! 

Shop our Holiday Exclusives collection this season for stocking stuffer bundles, gift boxes, advent calendars, and more! Or treat yourself to our handmade soy wax candles and artisanal bath ritual salts from our very own Prairie Comfort Collection! 


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The Art of the Icon is a family-run business specializing in traditional Byzantine Icons and quality religious jewelry, hand-made in Greece. Our well-established global icon brand is genuine and guarantees superior quality. Handcrafted by a team of experienced hagiographers using proven traditional iconography techniques. Assembled using the finest materials; paint with holy water, 22k gold leafing, 925 sterling silver, and European crystal elements. Our products shine bright and make a great Christmas gift.


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Get organized with instant downloads from Organizing Moms. Enjoy beautiful printable PDF files that help you organize your space, declutter, and manage your time. 

Antique, vintage, and handmade goods for your home.

More info coming soon. Visit link below to shop.

More info coming soon. Visit link below to shop.


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